Starting a new business can be exciting and scary at the same time. At Certified Business Loans, the main goal is to help new business.  Securing financing for a small business can seem difficult at best, but being prepared to apply for a loan is not only smart but practical as well.

Determine which lending institute you will approach for the loan. Do your homework for your equipment loan that you need. Different lending facilities have different requirements and standards. Know what you are asking for before you choose a bank. Knowing what you need and which institutes serve those needs will help you narrow your search.

Before making that final appointment, be sure you have everything you need to make a positive impression. Be knowledgeable of your new business and all it entails. There are a few issues that can deter your search for funding your new business, so be aware of those and try to correct them before going to the bank. You must be in good standings as an individual. Good credit history. You will also need a strong collateral base that will enable you to pay back the loan. Your business must be a sound investment. In other words, it must look like it will make money. Be sure to have financial projections for the lending institution to view. Banks like to know the loans will be for businesses that can make money in order to pay them back.


You will need personal information as well. You should have these with you when you meet with the bank. You will need your credit report, your financial statements, a cash flow projection, and a detailed business plan if this is a new business. A careless attitude reflects a careless financial responsibility. The stronger your personal accounts are the better your chances of getting the loan.

Not all businesses will procure a traditional business loan. There are alternative lending institutions. Know that there are different ways to fund your new business if a traditional loan doesn’t happen. In today’s economy, it is harder than ever to qualify for loans. Take the steps necessary to ensure that your meeting makes a good impression and is positive and hopeful.

Take constructive criticism and learn from it. The banks are in the business of making money and if you have a business loan with them, they can make money. They may give you advise to help you get the loan, but you must have a positive attitude and be receptive when they offer advise. Then take that advise and take the additional steps to getting ready to start your own business.